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July 8, 2024
The World boasts 165 private
The Marquette floor planCourtesy of The WorldThe World circumnavigates the globe year-round.

For anyone who has ever struggled with the idea of spending their savings buying a home or using it all to travel the world, condo cruises present a perfect solution.

These floating communities are increasingly popular modes of fulfilling travel fantasies — without having to leave the comforts of home. Plus, every home is oceanfront.

The Marquette residential cruise ship renderingThe World, a luxury ocean liner, calls itself a "residential yacht" and is the most famous ocean residence, as well as the largest and oldest, having set sail in 2002. And, according to our research, it seems to be the only active one right now.

However, the idea of a permanent home at sea seems to be picking up.

The World will soon be joined by The Utopia, a 200-unit condo cruise ship that will be almost twice the size of The World, built to the tune of around $1.1 billion and set to launch next year, as well as The Marquette, which will have 185 residences navigating 5, 500 miles of rivers and 1, 100 miles of Intracoastal Waterways in the US year-round. The Marquette is currently 42% presold and expects to launch in 18 months. Its apartments range in cost from $327k to $1.2 million.

Courtesy of River Cities CondosFloor plans for the different units available on the Marquette.

Kayaking Alaska IcebergsJust last week, Crystal Cruises announced up to 48 private residences for sale, ranging in size from 600 square feet to a whopping to 4, 000. While prices aren't available yet, they were quoted as being in the multi millions, and the ship compared to New York's uber luxe Baccarat hotel.

Courtesy of River Cities CondosA rendering of The Marquette.On the luxurious World, which has 165 residences ranging from studio apartments to three bedrooms, as well as a six bedroom penthouse suite, apartments start at $1 million and reach up to $13 million. Then there's the hefty annual ownership charge (for maintenance, operations, crew compensation, and food and drinks), which, depending on the size of the apartment, can be another 10% or more of the purchase price.

The World residential yacht Apartment on The World residential yacht/interior
Cruise ship savings
Cruise ship savings
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Travel agent urges cruise ship passengers to buy third ...
Buy an apartment on a cruise ship for $446,500
Buy an apartment on a cruise ship for $446,500
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