Parkin And Roger Won YSWC

Jack Parkin of Brunswick School, top under-19 sailors Team USA’s, made another victory.

Parkin won (YSWC) of 2016. The event took place in Auckland in New Zealand, last week. It is one of most renowned and cheerful event for young sailors.

Parkin was sailing with Wiley Rogers in the boys 420 class. The event was about five days where Parkin and Wiley has to compete with 24 other international teams coming from world. To get the win the sailors of America compete in nine races and won five of them. Two of five they won on the final day of the event and won the match.

During the first four races Parkin and Rogers secured fourth, sixth and seventh position. In the event, depending on the finishing position points were awarded in descending order. Racer who had the lowest total score at the end of the event won the race. Parkin and Rogers have the lowest score and thus able to claim the winning title. Continue reading “Parkin And Roger Won YSWC”

Clean Sailing HH Ferries Promotes

Two vessels of HH Ferries M/F Aurora and M/F Tycho will be retrofitted and will be made electricity powered. This will make these two vehicles emissions free and vehicles will become the largest emission less vessel in the world.

To carry out this work of transformation in these two vessels Öresund Dry Docks of Landskrona has been appointed, before they are moved out to Rhodes for testing. Here ABB will play prominent role in the entire conversion process. The vessels will be powered by batteries, 4.16 MW batteries will be fitted in each of these vessels. The container having battery rack will locate and lifted on board by 2017.

The company said to suit the need of power in vessels amid water many types of arrangement has been done by the company. Here lithium batteries will be used with the ABB charging arm that will be robotized. Every end of the route the vessel will place at the shore for charging up, power stations will be made at every sea shore to have smoothed and hassle free access of charging. With the help of advance technology arrangements will be made so that, vessels will get 1200 kWh of electricity to charge the batteries in minimum possible time. Continue reading “Clean Sailing HH Ferries Promotes”

Rio SKUD18 Not A Two Team Race Anymore

If you had asked a few months ago as to which of the two teams would win gold medal in the SKUD18 sailing event at the 2016 Paralympics in Rio, then many would have said that it would be either Great Britain or Australia. But, now nobody is sure that these two teams can win the gold medal. All this confusion stems from the fact that the Polish team was able to upset the big guns and win the 2016 Para Sailing World Sailing Championships title in the SKUD18 competition held in Medemblik, Netherlands.

The Polish team comprising of Piotr Cichocki and Monika Gibes was in top form at Medemblik and sailed a very consistent regatta to win the World Champions title. They did not rest there – even though they won the chance to charter a Yacht in Split for coming first. This team then won another SKUD 18 competition held at the same place as part of the Hansa World Championships.

Cichocki does not believe that his team’s win at Medemblik is a one off win and says that it is just the beginning of many things to happen. He said that he and Monika have prepared well for the forthcoming Rio Paralympics and are ready to show their prowess and grab the gold medal. Continue reading “Rio SKUD18 Not A Two Team Race Anymore”

A Success Plan For Regattas

If you ask any experienced sailor, he or she will tell you that the success formula for any two regattas cannot be the same. However, there is a six point plan that one can stick to for winning regattas.

It is known that every race should be played with a specific game plan. This definitely helps one to plan to perform in a consistent manner in any event. Coaches usually advise that they should focus only on a handful of ideas. That is crucial to hold the concentration at the time when one is competing. At the time of sailing there are usually several variables to look into. Most people get overwhelmed when they try to focus on all aspects. It is important that this is kept in mind for one to stay ahead of all plans and preparations. In general, there are six key points that need to be kept in mind. Continue reading “A Success Plan For Regattas”

How To Sail The Second Lap

For those who are in the sailing race they need to work on the second lap as well which is leeward and windward. This is as important as the first lap of a race. For those who are in the races they need to look out for opportunities that will help them clear the passing lanes better.

As experts would say, before a team starts off on the second lap it is necessary to modify one’s works as per the learning’s from the first lap. The wind direction as well as the shift pattern needs to be understood as well as the position of the fleet when the second lap is being attempted. Continue reading “How To Sail The Second Lap”

$22 million of yacht sales at Dubai Boat Show

The Gulf Craft sold AED 80 million worth of leisure boats and luxury yachts across its range at the Dubai International Boat Show this year, said the Emirates-based yacht maker, showcasing considerable market resilience.

The announcement Gulf Craft follows the successful revealing of 4 exceptional yachts – 2 of which are superyachts – across their expanding portfolio, checking the greatest number of introductions the advanced shipyard has ever offered in a single event. Continue reading “$22 million of yacht sales at Dubai Boat Show”

Croatia and France win 470 Worlds

The 470 World Championships ended with leaders Camille Lecointre/Helene Defrance of France and Sime Fantela/Igor Marenic of Croatia both ended 5th in their medal tally, a result which is great enough to make sure the World Titles 2016.
In 470 Women, any one of top 8 going into the medal tally had a pound at a medal, while in 470 Men the dais chancers were slightly clearer cut. Series leaders, Croatia’s Sime Fantela/Igor Marenic were guaranteed a medal as well as a battle for a gold with those of Australia and New Zealand. On the other hand, French people were in the battle for silver or bronze.
After last day’s storms, calms as well as in-betweens, medal race day was a ruddier schedule. The 470 Women got off 1st at around 1100 hours for their short, 25 minute leeward/ windward race, followed by 470 Men.
The series leaders coming into the double points race, Camille Lecointre/Helene Defrance of France had a six point advantage, giving them little margin for a mistake. A 5th position finish was more than great enough to secure their very first ever Worlds title.

Continue reading “Croatia and France win 470 Worlds”

Canfield won the Battle, Everyone won the War

The prize-distributing at the Bitter End Yacht Club’s twenty-ninth Annual Pro Am Regatta essayed that it is very much possible that there would be no losers in the competition,. Buoyed by the tremendous love in that room, everyone left with a great smile.

Every guest of the BEYC who manned all week for the 6 invited pro captains (Taylor Canfield, Sally Barkow, JJ Fetter, Anthony Kotoun, Dave Ullman and Annie Haeger) certainly felt like a champ, with brand new knowledge, new buddies as well as a suitcase filled with new tee shirts and all kinds of swell sailing swag.


And the 6 captains all appeared to be smiling from each pore in their bodies – each expecting to get an invitation for next year’s thirtieth Pro Am from Greek Island Yacht Charters. Based on the love in the room, each of those 6 deserves that scope. Following a week of point-to-point race, buoy racing as well as team racing, the final awards were determined by match racing between the Top-4 scoring captains.

Two ex match racing world champs squared off for the top awards – Sally Barkow and Taylor Canfield. Even though Barkow has spent the past 2 years training on and then racing a sicty-five-footer in the round the world Volvo Ocean Race, she appeared really comfortable on IC-24 as she rounded Canfield during pre-starts. But Taylor had the home advantage. Bill Canfield, his dad, had the 1st IC-24 in the Virgin Islands, and offers the helm to young son Taylor at the age of thirteen.

The 2015 London Yacht, Jet & Prestige Car exhibit set to open

The very first London Yacht, Jet & Car Show has opened their doors to exhibitors, guests and VIPs looking to make the most of London’s prestigious position as part of the global superyacht market. An all new event is all set to take place in the heart of the capital – this is a 3- day showcase that offers the global superyacht as well as luxury industries the scope to blend efforts and also get direct access to the burgeoning high net-worth sector in the United Kingdom.

When the annual London Boat Show offers perceptivity into the marine sector, with few well known luxury yachting exhibitors participating, this is a yacht showcase on another level of luxury. Concentrating on superyacht community, and the world of unchecked luxury lifestyle, the LYJAPCS is all set to bring about an all new era of alteration for London in regards to their place in global yachting geography because of a dedicated showcase both in Billingsgate Market as well as on the water at the St Katherine Docks. Continue reading “The 2015 London Yacht, Jet & Prestige Car exhibit set to open”

Arctic yacht racing may be a reality

It is stated that change brings in opportunities. Even though, the Arctic has seen all new lows in ice assemblage over the past 4 years and whatever worldwide alterations that predicts, some see dollar signs in a less icy Arctic.

The great men over at the Sailing the Arctic Race say that, because of rapid climate alteration, now it is possible for the 1st time in human history to sail through the top of North America in 1 season. Continue reading “Arctic yacht racing may be a reality”