Croatia and France win 470 Worlds

April 7, 2016

The 470 World Championships ended with leaders Camille Lecointre/Helene Defrance of France and Sime Fantela/Igor Marenic of Croatia both ended 5th in their medal tally, a result which is great enough to make sure the World Titles 2016.
In 470 Women, any one of top 8 going into the medal tally had a pound at a medal, while in 470 Men the dais chancers were slightly clearer cut. Series leaders, Croatia’s Sime Fantela/Igor Marenic were guaranteed a medal as well as a battle for a gold with those of Australia and New Zealand. On the other hand, French people were in the battle for silver or bronze.
After last day’s storms, calms as well as in-betweens, medal race day was a ruddier schedule. The 470 Women got off 1st at around 1100 hours for their short, 25 minute leeward/ windward race, followed by 470 Men.
The series leaders coming into the double points race, Camille Lecointre/Helene Defrance of France had a six point advantage, giving them little margin for a mistake. A 5th position finish was more than great enough to secure their very first ever Worlds title.

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Canfield won the Battle, Everyone won the War

November 28, 2015

The prize-distributing at the Bitter End Yacht Club’s twenty-ninth Annual Pro Am Regatta essayed that it is very much possible that there would be no losers in the competition,. Buoyed by the tremendous love in that room, everyone left with a great smile.

Every guest of the BEYC who manned all week for the 6 invited pro captains (Taylor Canfield, Sally Barkow, JJ Fetter, Anthony Kotoun, Dave Ullman and Annie Haeger) certainly felt like a champ, with brand new knowledge, new buddies as well as a suitcase filled with new tee shirts and all kinds of swell sailing swag.


And the 6 captains all appeared to be smiling from each pore in their bodies – each expecting to get an invitation for next year’s thirtieth Pro Am from Greek Island Yacht Charters. Based on the love in the room, each of those 6 deserves that scope. Following a week of point-to-point race, buoy racing as well as team racing, the final awards were determined by match racing between the Top-4 scoring captains.

Two ex match racing world champs squared off for the top awards – Sally Barkow and Taylor Canfield. Even though Barkow has spent the past 2 years training on and then racing a sicty-five-footer in the round the world Volvo Ocean Race, she appeared really comfortable on IC-24 as she rounded Canfield during pre-starts. But Taylor had the home advantage. Bill Canfield, his dad, had the 1st IC-24 in the Virgin Islands, and offers the helm to young son Taylor at the age of thirteen.


Björn Hansen Match Race Tactics at NJK Sailing Center

April 29, 2015

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The 2015 London Yacht, Jet & Prestige Car exhibit set to open

April 20, 2015

The very first London Yacht, Jet & Car Show has opened their doors to exhibitors, guests and VIPs looking to make the most of London’s prestigious position as part of the global superyacht market. An all new event is all set to take place in the heart of the capital – this is a 3- day showcase that offers the global superyacht as well as luxury industries the scope to blend efforts and also get direct access to the burgeoning high net-worth sector in the United Kingdom.

When the annual London Boat Show offers perceptivity into the marine sector, with few well known luxury yachting exhibitors participating, this is a yacht showcase on another level of luxury. Concentrating on superyacht community, and the world of unchecked luxury lifestyle, the LYJAPCS is all set to bring about an all new era of alteration for London in regards to their place in global yachting geography because of a dedicated showcase both in Billingsgate Market as well as on the water at the St Katherine Docks. read more …


Arctic yacht racing may be a reality

April 16, 2015

It is stated that change brings in opportunities. Even though, the Arctic has seen all new lows in ice assemblage over the past 4 years and whatever worldwide alterations that predicts, some see dollar signs in a less icy Arctic.

The great men over at the Sailing the Arctic Race say that, because of rapid climate alteration, now it is possible for the 1st time in human history to sail through the top of North America in 1 season. read more …


NLSA Sailing Team Race 2011

April 1, 2015

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Tom sailing

March 4, 2015

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Sailing the mississippi river to florida

February 4, 2015

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Driving License Mandatory for Boat and Yacht Owners in Dubai by January

January 22, 2015

The Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) has announced that all the boat and yacht operators should compulsorily have a driving license from January, next year. In order to attain a driving license it is necessary for the applicants to qualify in a test to show that they have sufficient knowledge to operate the marine crafts and also that they are medically sound.

Moreover the crew members also should be extremely familiar with the radar, navigation maps and the communication system. The divers as well as the marine craft owners will get some amount of grace period before the complete implementation of the new regulation. They even should possess the ability of operating the first aid, fire fighting and safety equipments during time of emergency.

The regulator of the DMCA mentioned that these initiatives have been mainly adopted for the purpose of ensuring maritime safety, making navigation more safe and secured and also to make the operation of the marine crafts along the coastline more efficient. read more …


DK Easter Camp – 30knots Optimist Sailing

January 6, 2015

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Royal Navy Keeps An Eye On The Russians

December 13, 2014

The Royal Navy has recently escorted a squad of Russian warships that were sailing across the English Channel. Four of these ships passed through Strait of Dover after they had carried out military exercises in North Sea.

A Type 45 Destroyer named HMS Tyne is one of the most technically developed warships that the Royal Navy has. It was able to read on the monitor some movements of the Russian group and also pinpoint it. The group was led by the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov.

The Ministry of Defense confirmed that everything happened as per the international law but it is to be kept in mind that all of this happened when there is an ongoing tension between Russia and Britain. David Cameron mentioned the fact that he has no intention of keeping a confrontational relationship but doesn’t want any more sanctions against Moscow.

A Russian destroyer named Severomorsk along with a landing aircraft, a tank ship and a rescue tugboat are anchored at Bay of Seine which lays a little way off Northern France. As per the Russian Defense Ministry, the vessels are waiting to overcome the clashes.

The Royal navy is also well aware of the presence of these ships as HMS Tyne has monitored them and has also escorted them on Tuesday to move them from the North Sea through the Strait of Dover. The patrol ship has now finished escorting the Russian vessels as they have passed the area for which UK is responsible. Now they are in the French zone.

The Russian vessels have sure complied with all the international and maritime laws as the defense sources have reported that they expect the ships to be headed into the Mediterranean by now. As per a naval source, the ships are not provocative but they are being kept an eye on.