Disney Cruise Onboard Credit

November 1, 2022
Eugenie Photography

Disney Cruise Onboard Credits

Discover Disney Cruising In A Whole New Way With This Incredible Offer!

Are you dreaming of a vacation at sea? Disney Cruise Line® offers magical journeys where imagination comes to life as families escape to breathtaking destinations throughout the world!

When you book your Disney Cruise Line Vacation with Moments of Magic Travel you will find the superior customer service you have come to know and trust, as well as some extra special magic!

Disney Cruise Onboard CreditsOur Onboard Credit promotion is simple; for every $1, 000 of your base Disney Cruise Line voyage fare, you will earn $50 – for a maximum of $1000 in Moments of Magic Travel Onboard Credit.* Our goal is to reward you for your loyalty by giving you the ability to indulge in some special extras while on your Disney Cruise!

Use Your Moments of Magic Travel Onboard Credits At Sea:

  • Unique Fine Dining Experiences at Remy and Palo
  • Luxurious spa treatments and massages at Senses or Vista Spa and Salon
  • Tropical Beverages and Spirits
  • Shopping and souvenirs including photos with your favorite Disney Characters

Use Your Disney Onboard Credits Onshore for exciting excursions such as:

  • Atlantis Submarine Adventure
  • Camp Rico Ziplining Adventure and Kayak
  • Catamaran Sail and Snorkel
  • Dolphin Adventure

Disney Cruise Onboard Credits Disney Cruise Onboard Credits

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