Last Minute Cruises from Florida

September 20, 2022
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The long weekend is just a few days away, and while your itch to skip out of town is probably growing, your time to plan is winding down. A last minute vacation to the sun-soaked beaches of Cozumel or the private island of CocoCay might just be exactly what you need.

Make your quick getaway to these destinations this weekend:

  1. Four nights: Miami to Key West

Hit the U.S.’s southernmost point during this four-nighter on Majesty of the Seas. Located closer to Cuba than Miami, Key West is Florida’s irreverent subtropical paradise. This laid-back island town is definitely the place to kick back with a cocktail along the famous Duval Street, spot Ernest Hemingway look-a-likes or kick it with infamous six-toed cats. This cruise also hits The Bahamas for plenty of time to spend in the water, snorkeling, swimming or jet skiing.

  1. Three nights: Orlando to The Bahamas

Visiting a private island doesn’t have to take weeks — this quick trip on Enchantment of the Seas lets you spend a day in Nassau; and then visit Royal Caribbean’s own private island, CocoCay, for a day of sunbathing on white-sand beaches.

Pro tip: get there early to snag a private beachside cabana.

  1. Seven nights: Fort Lauderdale to Cozumel

Four nights not quite enough to celebrate the end of summer? Make it seven! This Independence of the Seas cruise has the perfect combination of onboard fun and Western Caribbean adventures, with two full days of heavenly cruising; stops in Grand Cayman, Jamaica and the private beach resort Labadee; and one day on the gorgeous Mexican island of Cozumel. Hop off the ship to visit the ruins of the Pre-Columbian walled city Tulum, one of the last sites inhabited by the Mayans. Don’t forget to grab a margarita from the world-famous Carlos’ n Charlie’s before heading back.

  1. Two nights: Fort Lauderdale to Nassau

Is a quick escape just not in the cards for this month? Try this quickie cruise that leaves in November on Allure of the Seas. Depart Florida in the evening and wake up in beautiful Nassau in The Bahamas. Spend the day frolicking in the crystal-clear blue waters, visit the Nassau Pirates Museum, snorkel with sharks or visit Paradise Island, home of amazing resorts and nearly unlimited activities. While the ship heads back to Florida catch a Broadway show, dance the night away or take a moonlight stroll through Central Park.

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