Cruise Line Careers

October 13, 2022
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Why Work Onboard A Princess Cruises Ship?

Don’t take our word for why it’s great to be at Princess—let our team members tell you! In the "I Love My Princess Job" video series, our colleagues on shore and at sea share what they love about their work.

Watch our team member's "I Love My Princess Job" videos:

Onboard Departments

We offer exciting cruise career opportunities in a variety of onboard departments. Working for Princess Cruises is ideal if you are looking to take your career to the next level and enjoy working in a challenging and unique environment. We employ team members of over 70 nationalities, creating a diverse and welcoming environment.

International Recruitment Partners

Princess Cruises cooperates with a world-wide network of recruiting agencies to select only the most qualified crew. Resumes may be forwarded to the agency that is nearest the applicant’s residence. Once received, candidates will be processed based on current available positions.

International Recruitment PartnersFraudulent Employment Opportunities
We have recently been made aware of fraudulent entities around the world claiming to represent Princess Cruises as recruitment partners. We are working closely with our Security department and local police authorities in various countries to prevent individuals from wrongly representing themselves as Princess' recruitment partners. We strongly suggest that you only discuss employment opportunities with the agencies/partners listed below. If you have any suspicion about the nature of ads or websites claiming to recruit on behalf of Princess Cruises, please contact the approved Princess agency located nearest your place of residence (choose from the list below).

Life Onboard

Not sure what to expect while working onboard a cruise ship? A career at sea affords you many unparalleled opportunities such as travelling to exotic locations, building meaningful friendships with diverse colleagues, and gaining valuable professional skills in a world-class environment.

Unlike careers on land, however, working onboard a cruise ship has some unique conditions. Princess Cruises takes great pride in our efforts to make the adjustment to sea life as easy as possible so you can focus on being The Consummate Host for our guests.

Life onboardTotal Rewards

Here at Princess Cruises, we understand how challenging it can be for our crew to work away from home for such substantial periods of time. Therefore, as a company we strive to help give you all the necessary resources and comforts to enable you to be The Consummate Host for our guests.

While working onboard a Princess cruise ship, you can enjoy these living essentials provided by the company:

  • Furnished living accommodations
  • Crew cafeterias (also known as Crew Mess) with a variety of menu items from around the world
  • Laundry facilities and services
  • Crew Store with discounted convenience items such as toiletries and snacks
  • CrewCard pay system to help manage your finances at home while you are at sea

Cruise Employment Application Process & FAQs

As a well-known premium brand in the cruise industry, we receive a high volume of cruise employment inquiries each day. To help you understand what to expect if you are being considered for a position, we’ve outlined the application process below.

Princess Cruises works with a global network of authorized recruiters to attract and select the most qualified candidates to join us as The Consummate Host. If you are being considered for a position, there could be several steps after your initial application before you are notified with a decision. Depending on the job you are applying for, these could include follow-up interviews with our corporate hiring managers.

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