Norwegian Cruise Specials

October 31, 2022
Norwegian Cruise Quote Request

If you find a lower published price for the same cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line, either on or on a piece of communication directly from Norwegian, we will either:

  • Re-price your cruise at the lower price
  • Or, you'll receive 110% of the difference in the form of an Onboard Credit

How To Claim Your Guarantee

Just complete the "Best Price. Guaranteed." claim form and submit it online within 48 hours of making your booking. If it meets the Guarantee criteria and you choose to receive an Onboard Credit, we will automatically attach that credit to your account. Once you are on board the ship, you can use the credit however you please.

What is a "Best Price. Guaranteed." Program?

It is Norwegian Cruise Line's guarantee that you will receive the lowest price available at time of booking. If within 48 hours of making your deposit you find a qualifying lower price, advertised to the general public on or on a piece of communication directly from Norwegian, Norwegian Cruise Line will offer you the option to take the new reduced price or to receive an Onboard Credit (OBC) equal to 110% of the price difference.

I saw a lower price at a travel agency, why can't I get it?

From time to time an agency will negotiate a special price for a group or for a special promotion. The terms of this offer require that the price be a lower publicly advertised Norwegian Cruise Line price on or on a piece of communication directly from Norwegian.

How do you calculate the amount of the Onboard Credit?

The OBC will be calculated on the cruise price only and it does not include Taxes, and other fees.

I don't remember exactly where I saw the price?

In order to be eligible for this program, Norwegian Cruise Line must be able to verify the price advertised, therefore we must have the location of the advertising.

Why can't I get the discount before I apply my deposit?

Before the full deposit a reservation is only a courtesy hold. The program allows you to find a better price 48 hours after you have booked and held your reservation with full deposit.

Why can't I get my unused OBC as a refund?

The on-board credit is non-refundable, non-transferable and has no cash value.

You've lowered prices on all categories but mine, can I get a comparable OBC?

Unfortunately not. The "Best Price. Guaranteed." Program stipulates that in order to be eligible for the OBC you need to have found a lower Norwegian Cruise Line publicly advertised price available to the general public in the category you booked.

Does the price reduction or OBC apply to the prices of all the passengers in a cabin?

The "Best Price. Guaranteed." only applies to the 1st and 2nd passengers in a cabin.

What if my price went down after the 48 hours?

If it is prior to final payment you have the option to cancel and rebook but must accept the Terms and Conditions of the new promotion.

Why do I need to fill out a form?

For reporting and verification purposes, we need to have the information on the form completed.

How do I know if the price I saw is a price advertised to the general public?

You can provide us the information and we will verify. If the price is found through a travel agent, it may be a price available only for that agency as they may have group space or an exclusive price.

What if I change or cancel my sail date, can I move my OBC or get a refund on the new date?

No. The "Best Price. Guaranteed." only applies to your original booking.

Terms & Conditions

To qualify for the on-board credit, your "Best Price. Guaranteed." claim form must be submitted online within 48 hours of making a fully deposited booking. NCL reserves the right to verify all claims. Go to to submit a "Best Price. Guaranteed." claim. Fully complete the "Best Price. Guaranteed." Claim Form by providing all requested information, including the lower rate amount and where it can be found. The lower rate must be (a) for the same ship, sail date, stateroom category and number of guests, and (b) available for booking at the time NCL reviews your completed claim form. Restrictions: available to full individual tariff bookings with deposited cruise fare only; claims must be submitted at least 7 days prior to sailing; guarantee offer does not apply to government fees and taxes and/or fuel supplement (if applicable); lower rates must be publicly advertised fares available to the general public; guarantee offer is not combinable with an NCL fare reduction; guarantee offer excludes: rates from TV and Radio ads, group rates, qualified rates, membership programs, charters or other travel agent promotions not offered by Norwegian Cruise Line to the general public. Offer "does not apply to stateroom guarantees and" excludes travel agent discounts off commission. The on-board credit is non-refundable, non-transferable and has no cash value. Any unused portion of the on-board credit will be forfeited. "Best Price. Guaranteed." program may be discontinued or changed at any time.

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Special Offers from Norwegian Cruise Lines 19th February 2015
Special Offers from Norwegian Cruise Lines 19th February 2015
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