Cruise ship Security Jobs

March 15, 2015
Many larger cruise ships offer

Cruise Ship Security jobs are similar to the security jobs available all throughout the country. Cruise line companies care about the safety of passengers and use guards to reduce the risk of injuries, theft and other problems on ships. Like other types of jobs on cruise ships, guards often sign a contract and agree to work for up to six months on the same ship or for the same company. Some positions come with a salary that includes free room and board on a cruise ship, but other jobs ask workers to pay for those costs out of their salaries. Those interested in working in the hospitality industry might look at other Cruise Liner jobs or Travel & Tourism jobs.

Cruise Ship Security Jobs Education Requirements

Security guards working on cruise ships do not need a college degree. Most cruise companies hire high school graduates, but other companies look at applicants with a history of security experience. Depending on the ship, the guard might need a permit to carry a gun. If the cruise ship has a casino on board, the parent company may require that guards have experience using surveillance equipment and can watch the casino floor for signs of cheating, theft and other potential problems.

Cruise Ship Security Job Market

The future outlook for Cruise Ship Security Jobs is high. According to statistics, general security jobs will witness a growth of 12 percent by 2022, which is an average rate of growth and indicates that more than 130, 000 new security guard jobs will appear in the field. With cruise lines releasing new ships and luxury liners with seating for more people and current security workers retiring, those ships will need dependable security guards.

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