Gate 1 River Cruises

October 26, 2022
River Cruises

Dummy ImageI traveled with friends and family and had a great time. This was our first adventure with Gate1 and I would venture to say that there will be others. Our Tour Managers were Mick, Krisztina, and Soma. All in all they were a great team. I have shared some comments below on each of them along with some of the other crew members:

Our travel group was part of the "Green Team" lead by Mick. He was definitely a student of history and had many facts to share along the way. He approached his role very professionally, but tended to be a bit wordy. Some times this lead to getting lost on the point. He truly enjoys what he is doing and I believe if he can get a handle on information delivery he could be that much better.

Soma has so much enthusiasm and has great customer service skills. He truly is there to ensure the guests have the best experience. He is knowledgeable and has good information delivery. He is definitely a big asset to Gate1.

Krisztina is a true leader, and knows when to insert herself to add to the guest experience. She is very much in control, but not rigid. Krisztina is warm, friendly and focused on inclusion of all passengers. She possesses much experience and imparted her knowledge concisely. Krisztina always had a smile on her face and was a real pleasure to be around.

Judit was such a joy. She was always willing to help and did it with a smile. I know the front desk is not always the easiest nor the most noticed, but you have a real keeper there.

Iwan was our dining room host. He catered to the variety of needs with precision and timeliness. He really went above and beyond.

Chef Peter, what can I say. The food variety and quality exceeded expectations. He did a great job mixing up the menu and pairing items.

My only real negative on the cruise was the musician. I felt he was too routine and there was no variety evening to evening. He did not play to what the passengers wanted, he just stuck with his own agenda. I enjoy to dance and have a good time, but he really did not accommodate or meet expectations.

Overall, you have done a great job with this crew. I would love to see them again in our next adventure.

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