Riverboat Cruise Nashville

September 8, 2022
Date Day Available Times
Feb 13 Saturday 7:00 PM
Feb 20
Feb 27
Mar 5
Mar 11 Friday 12:00 PM, 7:00 PM
Mar 12
Mar 18

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This 300-foot-long paddle wheel riverboat, which holds the distinction of being the largest showboat in the world, will take guests past natural and historical sights along the banks of Nashville's beautiful Cumberland River. Four massive decks offer excellent opportunities to see the beautiful sights of Nashville and the stunning countryside of central Tennessee. And what's best, with different cruise options, you're sure to find an experience to perfectly fit your party during your next visit to Nashville!

Christmas on the General Jackson

Holiday Evening Cruise

The Heart of Christmas Dinner Show features the beautiful Victorian Theatre stage filled with colorful and glamorous costumes, glittering lights and a world class cast of performers. This six-piece show band will delight guests with all the best Christmas favorites including 'Winter Wonderland, ' 'All I Want For Christmas is You, ' 'Boogie Goodie Santa Claus' and so many more.

Holiday Midday Cruise

The Nashville Christmas show lights up the Victorian Theater with festive holiday decorations adorning the stage, beautiful lighting and fantastic costumes. This show features some of the greatest country musicians from Music City performing country western favorites made popular by Dolly Parton, Amy Grant, Reba McEntire and more. Guests will love the dueling fiddle challenge with 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' and an original comedic version of 'Twelve Days of Christmas.'

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Riverboat in Nashville
Riverboat in Nashville
Nashville seen from General Jackson Riverboat
Nashville seen from General Jackson Riverboat
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