Riverboat Cruises, Memphis

July 21, 2019
Memphis Riverboats
You will cruise the Mississippi aboard an authentic paddle wheel boat for a historic setting that will conjure visions of the river's golden years, the years that Mark Twain celebrated in his writing. Sights you can expect to see on the cruise include the Memphis Pyramid and Mud Island River Park, while the friendly crew makes sure you have a great experience. Whether you're in the mood to explore the city or take in a delectable time of dining and dancing, it is all waiting for you aboard the Memphis Riverboats!

About the Memphis River Boats Sightseeing Cruise:

Learn about the history of the area on this sightseeing adventure of Memphis with a cruise along the Mississippi River. Along the cruise, you will experience many of the sights seen by early Native Americans, explorers, and riverboat men. See the bluffs of Memphis from a spectacular vantage point and learn about their significance throughout history. Hear the heroic story of Tom Lee and the history behind some of the oldest bridges in the lower Mississippi. You'll also learn about many Civil War river battles as well as the heritage of the river, and see the Memphis Pyramid, Mud Island River Park, and so much more! Cruise lasts approximately 1.5 hours.

About the Memphis Riverboats Dinner Cruise:

Enjoy live music, a delicious meal, lively dancing, and spectacular views of the Memphis area while cruising along the mighty Mississippi River. You will enjoy a Southern feast including grilled chicken and pulled pork along with popular side dishes including baked beans and cole slaw, and, of course, a scrumptious dessert. A cash bar is also available throughout the night as a live band plays a variety of tunes that will have you out of your seat and on the dance floor! Cruise lasts approximately 2 hours.


  • Price includes specified cruise.
  • See schedule for exact dates and times.
  • Please arrive a half-hour before departure time
  • Activity is appropriate for all ages.
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Mississippi On A RiverBoat - Memphis TN
Mississippi On A RiverBoat - Memphis TN
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Riverboat Memphis Irish Visitors
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Memphis Riverboat Tours
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