Disney Cruise Fish Extender

March 25, 2022
Many people on the DIS enjoy meeting other cruisers online before their sailing. A great place to find others that share your excitement for your upcoming cruise is on the Disney Cruise Meets board on DISboards.com. You may even find some people that are going to be on your sailing. Once you are onboard you will feel like you are meeting old friends when you meet in person. If you have never cruised before, this is a great way to get advice from others familiar with the ship and itinerary. Every stateroom has a fish hanging on the wall outside the door. This is part decoration and part message center. The fish is there for Disney to place important communications to you such as excursion tickets and notes from the Cruise staff. It is like a mailbox for your room.

On the DISboards discussion forums, it is very popular to participate in a Fish Extender exchange. This entails having a fish extender hanging off the fish outside your room. If you aren't sure how the exchange works or the size and shape of a fish extender be sure to visit the links below. A fish extender can be made of cloth, plastic or vinyl. It can be very creative or very simple. If you don't care to create your own Fish Extender, you will find many auctions on EBay where one can be customized for you.

All the people in the exchange buy little items and place them in each other's fish extenders. It is great fun to come back and check the items you have received.

If you go to the DIS Meets Board on the Disney Cruise Line Forum, you can look and see if someone has already started a Fish Extender exchange for your sailing. Decorating your Stateroom Door

A lot of cruisers like to decorate their doors to show off their family's personality, as well as make it easier to recognize their stateroom quickly in the long hallway of white doors. Disney Cruise Line does not discourage this, but does ask that a few rules are followed:

- No adhesive, tape or removable gel adhesives of any kind may be used. These damage the finish on the doors.

- Over-the-door hanging organizers may not be used, as they scratch the doors' paint.

- The doors are metal, so magnets may be used. However, magnetic signs advertising company names other than Disney may not be used.

Source: www.wdwinfo.com
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Disney Cruise Vacation Tip - Decorating Your Door
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