Last Minute Deals on Cruises

November 7, 2023

Blue Footed Boobies are a beloved symbol of the Galapagos IslandsHere’s a dirty little travel secret: you can show up at almost any popular tourist activity in the world and save serious cash by booking your trip at the last minute.

Whether it’s hiring a Nepali guide and porter for a trek to Everest Base Camp, or going on safari in Africa, rare will be the occasion you can’t get started within a few days of arrival.

To exemplify this rule, I’m going to share with you how to book a last minute cruise to the Galapagos Islands based on my recent experience.

Before I dive in, a disclaimer.

Backpackers in Punta AyoraResults will vary greatly due to a large list of variables, from the time of year to tourism trends, and the degree of desperation a boat owner demonstrates at any given time to fill remaining beds before a cruise departs.

When to Go

Due to their proximity to the Equator, the weather on the Galapagos Islands remains fairly constant, which makes it a great year-round destination, however there are still a few factors to keep in mind when deciding when to go.

Water Temperatures

While the air temperatures may remain relatively constant, there is a hot and a cold season based on the ocean currents.

Warm Wet Season = Late December to June

Cold Dry Season = Late June to December

If you plan to go diving, or take advantage of snorkeling opportunities (as almost everyone does), you may prefer to time your cruise for the warm water season.

During the cold water season, you can still get in the water, however you’ll probably be more comfortable if you rent a wetsuit from your boat, or bring your own.

Peak Tourism

The high season for tourism is June to August, which is due to the Summer holiday season in North America and Europe.

Expect cruise rates to be higher during this time, and you may need a little extra time to book a spot on your preferred boat.

Migratory Patterns

Some species of wildlife are only present on and around the islands at certain times of year due to their natural migrations.

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