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April 25, 2023
Norwegian Cruise Lines:
Moll D’Adossat | Moll Adossat, Spain
Moll d’Adossat s/n
08039 Barcelona
Catalunya, Spain Contact Norwegian Cruise Line Corporate Office, 305-436-4770. 11 miles, approximately 30-35 minutes. 25 minutes walking distance. Taxi fare to/from Barcelona airport, (39 Euros). Parking facilites, information service, custom facilities, police, duty free shops, immigration, shuttle bus to city center, taxi service, metal detectors.

1. If your cruise departs from terminals A, B, C and D, on arriving at the Port of Barcelona drop your companions and luggage off at the boarding terminal. For cruisers departing from terminals N, S, E and T, park directly at the WTCB car park.

2. Reserve a space at the WTCB car park using the reservations search engine on this website.

3. For cruisers departing from terminals A, B, C and D, the Blue Bus= T3 Port Bus stop is just a 5-minute walk away. Buses leave every 15 minutes. For cruisers at terminals N, S, E and T, it takes just 2 minutes on foot to reach the terminal.

4. On your return, please pay at the automatic teller machine around the corner. If you have used the Blue Bus roundtrip ticket (for a maximum of 2 people, equivalent to 8€), please go to the control centre to get your discount. (You must show your Blue Bus ticket as a voucher)

1 day: 25€
2 days: 50€
3-7 days: 75€
8 days: 85€
Extra day: 10€

The parking is covered. 24-hour security guards and TV cameras.
Facilities for people with reduced mobility.
Interior and exterior car wash service.
Credit cards accepted.

GPS coordinates for WTC Barcelona: 41º 22’ 17” N / N 41.371388
2º 10’ 54” E / E 2.1816666

Edif. WTC, s.n.
08039 Barcelona
tel: + (34) 93 508 80 62
About 2km from the Moll D’ Adossat Terminal. Holders of a cruise embarkation ticket get a special price of 11 Euros/day.
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NCL Norwegian Sky leaving the Port of Miami - Cruise
NCL Norwegian Sky leaving the Port of Miami - Cruise ...
Norwegian Sky Cruise, Leaving Port of Miami
Norwegian Sky Cruise, Leaving Port of Miami
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