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December 27, 2020
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Recently there have been some exciting changes to the City's approach to managing our waterfront. The concept of these changes called for the consolidation of City waterfront responsibilities. This includes the deep-water port activities of Cruise Ships and of Navy vessel activity coordination.

The objective of the Plan is to make our City waterfront operate more efficiently, as well as effectively. As the City's mission statement states, we are " to maximize services to our customers in the most cost effective way." Not only does the consolidation make for a more efficient and effective operation, it also provides for better accountability and a more consistent approach in the interpretations of policy and procedures affecting the waterfront environment.

The City's Vision states " We will strive to be a user-friendly city, establishing an atmosphere of trust and confidence by providing quality, professional services." The recent realignment of responsibilities reinforces that thought and direction.

The waterfront is yours, to some the waterfront is our heritage, to others it is what has drawn us here, whatever the reason - protect and enjoy it!

Port of Key West Mission

A public benefit City department providing maritime, real estate services, and management of infrastructure to enhance the local economy, providing recreational opportunities for its citizens, and at the same time protecting both our heritage and the marine environment for future generations.

History of Port of Key West

In 1969 the Port of Key West received its first regularly scheduled cruise ship; it was the SUNWARD. She called on Key West once a month.The Sunward moored at either the Navy's Mole or Pier B facility. Records indicate that between 1969 and 1984 the Port of Key West received 266 port calls.In 1999 fiscal year 415 cruise ships called on the Port of Key West allowing 597, 009 passengers to experience Key West's charm, many making return trips to complete their Key West experience.

It wasn't until 1984 that the City Commission, at the recommendation of City staff, made improvements to the City-owned Mallory Dock, making it a full cruise ship docking facility.

The Port of Key West now consists of three docking facilities:Mallory Square Dock, Pier B (privately owned) and the Navy Mole.

A schedule indicating when a particular cruise ship will be calling on Key West is available at both the Port Office, and online. The schedule is subject to changes due to the weather and other unforeseen circumstances.If you wish to meet a friend traveling to Key West on a cruise ship a simple phone call to the Port office will provide you with the information that will insure you have a pleasant visit.

Cruise Ship arriving at Key West from Coconut Beach Resort
Cruise Ship arriving at Key West from Coconut Beach Resort ...
cruise ship leaves key west
cruise ship leaves key west
clip 647051: Cruise Ship leaving Key West Port
clip 647051: Cruise Ship leaving Key West Port
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